The History

An Hungarian raimbow

  • GYPSY PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, is the only orchestra of its kind that transcends music to such a level of fun to the public. Gypsies are so sensitive to the music they intuitively play as if by instinct for the public to see as he hears.

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  • Their repertoire mixes the traditional gypsy violin of Grigoras Dinicu, Ferenc Erkel, Ferraris, Vittorio Monti, the airs of the Hungarian and Yiddish repertoire  with the great classical composers works such as Johannes Brahms, Jacques Offenbach, Pablo de Sarasate, Johann Strauss Father & Son, Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky and contemporary composers as John Williams.
    All masterfully interpreted without partition, by 70 musicians based in Budapest and up to 90 musicians, all virtuosos and fascinating.

Violins, cellos, basses, cymbals and the clarinets, all united to bring to us catchy and rending accents of a tradition-shattering, those gypsies and a performing art that belongs to ‘them. This art of twirls, changes that betrays nothing but enrich the composition. They convey to the viewer the energy of a nation who have chosen music as a universal language. Instinctive as a popular gypsy evening, rigorous as a Vienna concert black tuxedo.
A delight !!!


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